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Gain the clarity you need to identify, define, and create your version of wealth.

Maintain clarity by identifying key metrics to track.

Embrace tracking and goal writing to create the life you deserve.

Consider the benefit of one coach for all of your wealth ambitions

I’m an accountability partner for those seeking to create more than just financial wealth in their life.

I coach successful sales professionals and entrepreneurs to control their habits, their money, their goals, and their time.

Stop making excuses for why you are not physically fit. Why you are not successful financially. Why you are not the husband, dad, son, friend that you know you should be.

Start today to live the personal, professional, and financial life you’ve longed for.

You deserve it all!

How I help you to generate more wealth

I partner with you to address multiple aspects of your life that you are wanting to experience new wealth in.

Financially, physically, occupationally I help you to apply proven methods of concentrated growth that will create transformational results that you have been challenged to realize on your own.

With an emphasis on goal setting, tracking, and accountability you will find my coaching style to be energizing and effective as I challenge you.

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Define wealth
Identify obstacles
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Time to invest in you!
Let’s get started…

Time to invest in you!
Let’s get started…

Get a personalized wealth map…

A phone call. A video meeting. An in-person meetup over coffee. This is all I’m asking you to commit to, your first step towards the wealthier life you’ve long dreamed of.

As you share your story, your interests, and your challenges I’ll tell you a bit more about myself, how I’ve dramatically changed my life, and helped connect others to effective ways to build wealth in all areas of life.

I’m going to ask a lot of questions to get an understanding of where you are. If at the end of our conversation, if I think one of my programs will help, I’ll ask if you want to hear more about it. Otherwise, I’m just here to offer clarity.  

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Get a free e-book: “Unlocking Your Definition of Wealth”

This isn’t just a book; it’s an expedition into the heart of wealth – a journey I’ve undertaken, marked by highs, lows, epiphanies, and transformation.

My own odyssey began with a simple yet profound question: What is wealth? Like many, I initially equated wealth with the accumulation of riches and financial success. But as I ventured further down life’s winding path, I discovered that wealth extends far beyond the confines of a bank statement.

I questioned the dogma of sacrificial choice pushed on us by society and began to see that true wealth lay in striking a harmonious balance between all these facets of life.

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“My adult life has been one of unexpected growth: I found a better job than I’d ever thought I’d get, we inherited a house, and our family was able to invest even as we grew (three kids!). Exciting, but it also came with a lot of anxiety as we tried to make wise choices. Matt’s experience, bedside manner, and I’ve-got-your-back personality took a lot of the anxiety out of those choices. When it comes to finances, insurance and even personal growth, I feel a lot better knowing that Matt Dira is on my team.”

– Matt B.


“Matt has helped me create true wealth in every aspect of my life. He has coached me on a professional level by offering me guidance on financial investment strategies and ways to strategically structure my life insurance policy. He has helped me grow on a personal level by coaching me on my mentality of consistency and helping me define my goals in every aspect of my life. He is not only a genuine businessman, but an extremely kind and trustworthy person.”

– Claire M.


“I can honestly say that working with Matt was life-changing. I had never had anyone take something that felt so wildly, confusing and make it seems so simple and actionable. It was literally one conversation with him three years ago that absolutely changed my life. And since then, the continual work that we have done to be able to help me better understand what wealth actually means to me, how I do find it, and what are the daily habits needed in order for me to put into practice has absolutely revolutionized the way that I live my life. If you’re looking to better understand what you want, put a plan together on how to execute it and be held accountable to pursuing what you want, hire Matt today.”

– Rocky G.

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A roadmap to true prosperity.

As we embark on this adventure, I’ll share personal insights, practical strategies, and transformative stories that have guided my path. We will navigate the terrain of the five essential steps to wealth, discover the power of tracking and awareness, and explore how to build courage as a cornerstone of prosperity.

But this journey is not just about gaining knowledge; it’s about applying these principles in our own lives to create a holistic and meaningful definition of wealth. It’s about achieving success on our terms, aligning with our values, and positively impacting the lives of others.

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